Emily Greene Liddle
Strange Fruits
My work is the pop advertisement of human condition and experience. I often begin my work with a base attraction to the formal qualities of an object or pair of objects. As each painting develops, however, my subjects become icons for themes that are at once personal and universal. Like Ad-media’s ability to play on the fears, desires, values, and vices of the consumer, my images evoke personal symbolisms related to objects and their perceived meanings. Through a traditional approach to oil painting I work to juxtapose common perceptions of form and function, sex and violence, organic and industrial, constructive and destructive, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, and high art and low art. The unusual pairs often evoke themes of sexuality, vulnerability, temptation, consequence and danger. Using alluring subject matter, eye grabbing colors, and super-sized imagery, I invite the viewer to buy into these new constructs of meaning though their own interpretations.